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Austin Sewer Services

Everything You Need for a Highly Functional Sewer in Cedar Park

Even though your drains and sewers are kept hidden, they should never be out of your mind for too long. These powerful systems are essential for pushing down all the contaminated water and waste into the main municipal lines, which will then be safely transferred away from your home. To keep them running well at all times, speak to Plumb Doctors Inc. about our dependable sewer services.

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Preventive Maintenance for a Healthy Sewer System

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your sewer system functioning properly and prevent costly repairs down the line. At Plumb Doctors Inc., we offer comprehensive preventive maintenance services to ensure a healthy sewer system in your home.

Benefits of regular sewer system maintenance include:

  • Early detection of potential issues
  • Prevention of clogs and backups
  • Extended lifespan of your sewer system
  • Improved overall plumbing performance
  • Cost savings by avoiding major repairs

Our team of professional sewer experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your sewer lines, looking for any signs of damage, blockages, or leaks. We will also perform necessary cleaning and maintenance tasks to keep your sewer system in optimal condition. Don't wait until you have a sewer emergency on your hands. Contact Plumb Doctors Inc. today to schedule a preventive maintenance service for your sewer system.

Looking Out for Sewer Line Issues

Because sewers are some of the largest pipelines on your property, people sometimes assume that it is extremely easy for any type of substance to flow through them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many things could get stuck in the sewers, ranging from dirty diapers to hair clips to paper towels. Tangled tree roots are often attracted to sewers, either choking them from within or squeezing on the pipe from the outside. Even too much accumulation of soft, organic products or soluble paper can lead to a clog. 

When this occurs, it is critical to act quickly; otherwise, you may end up with a devastating burst line or sewage flood. To prevent this type of damage from occurring, you should keep a sharp eye out for signs of a sewer problem. 

Some of the warning signals that a clog is building up in your sewer line include:

  • Smells of rotting sewage floating around your property
  • Strangely green patches or sudden growths of foliage in your yard
  • Numerous toilet clogs, even when you are not putting much down the toilet
  • A sudden increase of pests attracted to the sewage, from rats to cockroaches to mosquitos
  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from the drains
  • Pools of dirty water gathering in your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets

Commonly Asked Questions

What are some signs that I may need sewer repairs?

Some signs that you may need sewer repairs include slow drains, gurgling sounds in the pipes, foul odors coming from the drains, sewage backups, and water pooling in your yard.

What causes sewer line clogs?

Sewer line clogs can be caused by various factors, including tree roots infiltrating the pipes, accumulation of grease and debris, aging pipes, and ground shifts.

Can I prevent sewer line clogs?

While it is not always possible to prevent sewer line clogs completely, there are some preventive measures you can take. These include avoiding flushing non-biodegradable items, regular sewer line inspections, and proper disposal of grease and food scraps.

Why You Should Never Procrastinate in Calling Professional Sewer Experts

Most of the time when there is a clog within the sewer line, it is because of a condition that has already been hurting your sewer for a while. Because your sewers are hidden so deep beneath the surface, it may take a long time for the problem to finally manifest. This is why you should always be ready to call sewer experts at the first sign of trouble, whether you live in Williamson County Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Georgetown, or Round Rock.

A sewage flood will damage your property and priceless belongings, sometimes irrevocably. Water damage is hard enough to get out already and removing waste stains is even more challenging. Moreover, any exposure to the toxic waste of sewers is extremely hazardous for humans and pets alike. Do not delay in speaking to a knowledgeable technician right away, like the highly rated plumbers at Plumb Doctors Inc.

Call us today at (512) 768-7066 or contact us online, so we can get started with a same-day appointment for sewer services in Austin. 


Serving Austin & Surrounding Areas Contact Us Today! Book online now or call us (512) 768-7066 at for our unparalleled service, including water heater installation, leak detection and drain cleaning.
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